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Access Points

In computer networking, a wireless access point (WAP), or more generally just access point (AP), is a networking hardware device that allows other Wi-Fi devices to connect to a wired network. The AP usually connects to a router (via a wired network) as a standalone device, but it can also be an integral component of the router itself. An AP is differentiated from a hotspot, which is the physical location where Wi-Fi access to a WLAN is available.

MikroTik RouterBoard wAP ac with PSU RouterOS L4 (black edition)

The MikroTik wAP ac is a small dual band 802.11ac weatherproof wireless access point. Ideal for inst..

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MikroTik RouterBoard wAP R

The Mikrotik wAP R is a small weatherproof 2.4Ghz wireless access point with a miniPCI-e slot suitab..

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Mikrotik SXTsq Lite5

The SXTsq Lite5 is a compact and lightweight outdoor wireless device with an integrated antenna. Per..

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Mikrotik wAP

The wAP ac is a small weatherproof wireless access point for your mobile devices, perfect for instal..

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