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VoiceHost offers a wide-range of IP telephones and accessories in order to offer a model best suited for every business and user type - from home users, small business IP phones to Enterprise IP phones to DECT Cordless IP phones. We choose manufacturers that are trusted and deployed by some of the largest enterprises and service providers in the world to give you peace of mind.

REMEMBER - Choosing the right devices for your deployment is important, please contact us if you have any questions prior to your purchase.

Snom D120 Desk Phone

D120 Desk Telephone - Simple but effective entry-level VoIP solutionWith the D120, Snom completes it..

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Snom D305 IP Phone Sold out
Snom D305 IP Phone

The D305 is a professional phone with a high-resolution display that maintains the excellent cost-pe..

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Snom D315 IP Phone

With its high-resolution display, the D315 fulfills all important requirements of VoIP telephony and..

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Snom D335 Desk Phone Sold out
Snom D335 Desk Phone

Hardware SpecificationsCharacteristicsValueProduct nameD335Part no.00004390General FeaturesDimension..

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Snom D345 IP Phone

The D345 Office Telephone supports 12 identities in an elegant, traditional style. Created with the ..

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Snom D375 IP Phone

The Snom D375 is a next-generation VoIP phone for business users who need immediate access to all of..

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Snom D385 IP Phone Sold out
Snom D385 IP Phone

Joining the D300 series, the Snom D385 marks the next generation of Snom VoIP desk phones. With a ri..

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Snom D712 IP Phone

A business phone designed for HD audio, performance and affordability, the D712 is an IPv6 replaceme..

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Snom D715 IP Phone

D715 Desk Telephone - A professional desk phone with high-speed connectivity and high quality audioT..

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Snom D717 IP Desk Phone

The Snom D717 is a professional desktop phone and a cost-effective entry-level device into the world..

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Snom D725 IP Phone

The Snom D725 IP phone is a professional voip handset with 12 SIP identities and 18 BLF function key..

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Snom D735 IP Phone

D735 Desk Telephone - Snom´s first sensor-supported IP telephoneThe new Snom D735 hits the right not..

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Snom D745 Desk Phone

D745 Desk Telephone - High resolution display and self-labeling keysAesthetically appealing and high..

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Snom D765 IP Phone

The Snom D765 IP phone is a professional voip handset with 18 SIP identities and 18 BLF function key..

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Snom D785 IP Phone Sold out
Snom D785 IP Phone

D785 Desk Telephone - Next Generation VoIPThe Snom D785 belongs to the latest generation of advanced..

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Snom M15 SC

The Snom M15 SC is a high performance cordless DECT VoIP phone to be used with single-cell bases. ..

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Snom M215 SC

The Snom M215 SC is a package that includes the Snom M200 SC basestation and a Snom M15 SC handset.T..

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Snom M65 DECT Professional Handset

With its sleek appearance and comprehensive range of features, the M65 is ideal for customers requir..

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Snom M700 DECT multi-cell base station

NOTE: This device is PoE (power over ethernet) only.The M700 IP DECT multi-cell base station provide..

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